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Protron LCD TV Power Supply Repair

It seems a lot of people are having problems with the Protron and Avion power supplies...

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I've been able to repair model YHI 090-02180-I3 power supplies. These are the power adapter type that sits outside the TV and has a low voltage cable that plugs into the TV.

I've been charging $60 to repair the power supplies. My recommendation would be to send me the power adapter. I'll check it out and unless it's unusually damaged it will cost $60 plus shipping to repair. If I can't repair it I'll return ship it and only charge for shipping.

I will guarantee the repair for 1 month. I don't know what's causing the power supplies to fail so I can't guarantee it any longer than that. With that said, I have yet to hear that any of my repaired power adapters have stopped working.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.